Are you just steps away from triumphantly exclaiming that you’re in the process of building the home of your dreams? Have you considered the option of restoring your current residence to its former splendor but are afraid of what such a renovation may cost? Do you wish you could take things a step further and skip over a restoration in favor of a top to bottom total transformation?

It’s all possible. Whatever you’re after, it’s covered under the scope of the residential services offered at J. Machado, Inc. General Contractor. We’ll provide you with the best solutions to complete your project, all while respecting your taste, desires, and budget. At your initial in-home consultation, our skilled contractor will assess all that’s needed to complete your project and give you an estimate for our services. We’ll complete the project with respect for your home and all those that are present while we work.

Our expert ability allows us to handle any type of residential assignment with the utmost level of precision and professionalism. Here are a few examples of the most commonly requested projects:

Kitchen Remodel

Whenever you turn on the television or pick up a magazine, you come face to face with state of the art kitchens inspired by designs from all different eras.

Are you mesmerized with the romantic appeal of kitchens that take you on a trip through the most lavish areas in Tuscany? Would you like to capsulize the trendy retro area, bringing it into the 21st century? Maybe you’re bored with the present and wish to create a modern kitchen area that propels all of your meals far into the future.

From custom cabinetry to a vast selection of materials in different colors, styles, and appliances to match- we’re ready to pull your vision out of your head and bring it to life. No matter which direction you take with your custom design, we always keep one thing in mind- the best quality possible.

Our team can create an ideal space in a minimal amount of time without sacrificing on the crucial details that can only be catered to by a professional. Aside from making breakfast, lunch, and dinner a dream come true, our finished creation will drastically improve your property value. You’ll be making an investment into your family as well as your future at the same time. Ready to look at some samples? Give us a call right now.


A remodeled kitchen gives the greatest boost to your home’s worth but a renovated bathroom is a close second runner up. Your contractor will visit your space and take a look at what we have to work with. With the best plumbers in the industry and a team of highly skilled construction professionals, let your mind run rampant.

How would it feel to wake up to a refreshing waterfall rain shower each morning? Tired of bumping elbows with your spouse when you’re getting ready for work? Would you like to give the guest bathroom a new look to match the work you’ve done in the rest of the home?

Jetted tubs, double vanities, spa enclosures are all crafted with you in mind. Stop squeezing into your old bathtub and crouching down to fit in the shower. If there’s no other place in your home you should feel the most comfortable, your bathroom should be a relaxing space.

Let us present you with the best custom cabinetry and install it with the precision it deserves. You’ll be soaking the days away in your new space before you know it.

Room Additions

When you first laid eyes on your home, it seemed perfect for you and your needs. Sometimes our judgement can be so clouded by excitement, we fail to realize the flaws in a new space until after we’ve already moved in. Lack of closet space and confining rooms drastically distract from the appeal of your home. Frustrated, you may be ready to throw in the towel and pack up and move. Before you call the realtor, contact an associate with J. Machado, Inc. General Contractor.

Your home may not have grown with your family but there may be a way for us to expand on it just the way it is. Our professionally created room additions rescue you from the stress of packing, moving, changing schools, leaving behind friends and family, or assuming a longer commute. You chose your home for a reason, let us help remind you of how perfect it can be.

If you’re in need of a new bedroom, den, or bathroom, some extra space on an exterior wall may be the perfect location. Don’t let the current setup of your home limit the scope of your renovation design. If you want to pack your kitchen up and move it to a completely different side of the house, why not? All you need is the right contractor to complete the assignment. Thankfully, you’ve found them in J. Machado, Inc. General Contractor.

Our additions can give you a more practical alternative for relocating or adding living rooms, dining rooms, dens, studies, studios, offices, or any other purpose you may have for the extra space.

Are you concerned with aging parents or looking for a solution for hiring full-time child care? Your brand new room addition can serve as the perfect in-law suite or nanny quarters. Adding privacy and comfort while still providing easy access to the common areas of the house, this is a quick and easy solution that allows you to preserve the memories you’ve made in your home. Don’t give up on your space before giving us a call.